How to Choose a Reputable Student Travel Company

Almost every history or social studies teacher dreams of taking a class trip to the famous cities that are always discussed, but rarely seen. Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. are talked about all the time in lectures and are the focus of many activities, but there is no substitute for actually seeing the sites and learning the history firsthand.

Yet many teachers shy away from educational trips because they aren’t sure how to work with a student travel company. These companies can be a very good resource for any class trip, providing student travel discounts and helping plan the best student travel deals. But not all companies will be able to provide the same quality of experience and the same number of student travel discounts that can be expected from the best in the industry. This article will show you how to find +reputable companies that will help you and your class have the best possible travel experience.

Searching Student Travel Companies

When looking for companies, finding a large number is very easy. A quick search on the internet will reveal many names, but don’t just choose the first one you see without examining it first. The difference between travel companies can be huge – you don’t want to pick one without knowing you’re picking a good one. Luckily, there are a few criteria you can use to make your choice easier. First, you’ll want to look for an established company. Startup companies may look appealing, but in the long run they have less of the experience and local knowledge you need for a successful trip. A student travel company that has been running for years, on the other hand, will be able to answer your questions and give you guidance based on planning many such trips throughout their years of operation.

Finding The Best Deals

Many teachers expect that the best discounts on travel will come from new companies looking to start offering tours cheap. Certainly choosing a new company is a bad idea because of their lack of experience, but on top of that, the student travel deals they offer are usually much smaller than what a more established company would give! One of the key factors that distinguishes a good company is their flexibility and low rates. If they are easy to work with, and willing to work with you, then you’re going to have an overall better experience, and the trip you plan will be much more rewarding.

In addition, you’ll want to look for a company that doesn’t try to fit your travel needs into one cookie-cutter trip. Make sure that the company offers student travel discounts on many different destinations, and is willing to work with you to create customized program options in each. If you and your students are going to travel to a historic city, don’t you deserve to see exactly what you want to see? Any travel company that doesn’t agree with that isn’t worth your time.

Putting It All Together

When you use these criteria to choose a travel company, you’ll get an established travel agency that works with your needs and strives to save you money. You and your students will be able to take the trip you’ve always wanted to plan, see the sites you’ve always wanted to see, and do it for less than you expected. Happy traveling!

Cheap Travel – Find Out the 3 Things That Guarantee Cheap Travel to Anywhere in the World

I just finished watching a movie and it inspired me to write. The movie is about two young brothers who dream to see the world. They come from a poor family, so they always had their share of doubts – was it possible for them to become wealthy, and live a very nice life style? They often question themselves.

After all the troubles, they grew up to be successful against all odds, and the movie was ended with the two of them having a toast to living their dream on a beautiful Island resort. The movie really connected to me, probably because I was like them.

Like the two brothers, I also had the dream to travel the world, 20 years later, I am a world travel expert. Part of my dream was to travel cheaply, without spending so much money because I didn’t have money then, and now I could write a book about how to travel cheap. For this, I am truly grateful, as a sign of my gratitude, I want to share my little knowledge of how to travel cheap with you, and every other person who reads this blog. It is a giving world.

Truly, cheap travel is not much of a big deal. Even if you normally fly economy, and you still want to get a discount on your plane ticket. There are a lot of ways you can achieve this goal, but people really don’t look into these various options. Instead, they go and spend a lot of money on plane tickets, and high priced luxury accommodation. I don’t blame them though, they are either not open to options, don’t know where to look, or they don’t even have the time to find discounts on their travel budget.

The first thing to do when looking for a discount is to research. Make a list of all the airlines you know, and get information on their rates. Note those rates down. Also consider finding available flights of different airlines that are going to your travel point and note them down too. Then from that information you have, sort the prices until you get the cheapest 5. From there, you can pick the one that you are comfortable with.

Another super tactic I use is to check for special discounts or travel packages. There are a whole number of discounts and promotions on different airlines out there, all you have to do is find them. You can do that by searching good old Google. Just type in the keywords ‘Travel Packages’ or ‘Travel Discounts’, and you’ll get an awful amount of data. Also search offline by visiting airline outlets, and by asking travel agents. You will never know the amount of information you can get from these two entities.

My last suggestion is something I picked up recently, and that is travel clubs. To me, this is the most secure way to travel cheap. All you have to do is join this club for a relatively minimum cost (sometimes a one time only fee) and boom! You get to travel very cheaply for the whole of your life, without having to deal with the hassles of finding cheap travel ways yourself.

All in all, if you use the information above, then you will surely start enjoying cheap travel. Make sure to do proper research, and if possible, join travel clubs. You won’t regret it. Good luck with this beautiful gift called life.

Discount Accommodation – Some Simple Tips on Getting the Best Hotel Discounts

Planning for your next vacation or business trip can be a money-saving process. Whether you are travelling to a neighbouring country for a quick getaway or somewhere more exotic, you can save money on your accommodation and focus on the activities of your trip instead.

Discount accommodation which offer regular discounted rates can easily be found if you know where to look. It does not matter whether you are looking for a motel, budget hotel or even a luxury hotel – discounts are offered by different accommodation types. By following the simple tips below, you can be assured that you will not ever have to pay the full price for any hotel stay again.

Use coupon codes

Discount coupons are your best friend in gaining you big hotel discounts. The hard copy versions can be commonly found in newspapers, magazines, entertainment directories or hotel coupon books obtained from welcome centres. Just tear or cut them out and present them to the hotels upon check-in.

The Internet is also a rich resource for coupon codes. You can do a web search on coupon websites for your specific destination or selected hotel to obtain the coupon codes. Then, enter these codes in hotel booking websites just before you confirm your booking.

However, do pay close attention to the fine print as you may have to meet certain requirements before you can use the coupon such as having to fulfill a minimum number of nights’ stay. A little effort on your part can thus go a long way in obtaining substantial savings on your hotels.

Last minute deals

If you are travelling at the last minute, chances are that you will get to enjoy last minute discounts from hotels which are not fully booked during the particular time of your stay. This is because hotels might be desperate to find guests to fill unoccupied rooms, especially during the off-peak travel seasons.

Booking at the last minute would especially be recommended if you are flexible with your travel dates and can thus travel during periods when these hotels are unlikely to be overbooked. Just keep a look out for last minute hotels through the newspapers or online to enjoy the best deals.


Sometimes hotels which are slightly further from the main tourist attractions offer better discounts than those which are closer to these hotspots. Hence it pays to be more flexible and consider other hotels a street or two away. You may just need to walk a little further or take public transport, but the discounts that you can enjoy may even save you enough money for your next trip.

Ask around

Asking around can also help you garner information on which hotels offer the best discounted deals. You can ask friends or relatives who have stayed at a discounted hotel about the deals on offer.

You can also ask the hotels themselves for any other special rates or discounts when before checking in. There may also be special discounts offered in conjunction with certain events or festivals, so be sure to ask if there are any.