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Finding The Best Student Discount Airfare

Students are always looking for discounted airfare because they are mostly tight on budget. This is the reason that student discounted airfare is so popular and useful. You can get these tickets directly from the airlines or you can also get them from some travel sites which specialize in student travel.

Student Universe is one such site where you can get discounted airfare. You need to enter your details and your identification proof is also essential. Buyers are supposed to enter the details (especially the email-addresses) of their college or school so that their identities can be verified. Students get big discounts after the verification process is over.

You can also try sites like Travel Cuts or STA. you can make online as well as offline bookings through these sites. As a student you need to have the International Student Identity Card to use the services of this site.

Orbitz is another site where you can get student discounted airfares. You can also get good deals for domestic airfare on this site. You can find a good deal where you will end up saving a lot. Airlines sites also put up tickets at discounted rates. You can buy tickets from them and they will cost you the same as the student discounted rates would.

A student must always make vacations plan well in advance. This way one will be able to buy the tickets at cheap rates. Almost all the airlines offer great discount offers if you make the bookings early. Be a little flexible with your schedule so that you can get the cheapest airfare. Take the flights on weekdays as weekend flights will cost you much more.

There are some special offers also. You can get to know about these special offers from the airlines websites. You may get great discount offers that are actually much better than the ones offered regularly. However you should be careful before going for the offer. Read the fine prints carefully to make sure that there are no restrictions and hidden charges. You need to act fast because such offers disappear very quickly.

One last tip to offer is trying to get connecting flights. These always end up being much cheaper than the direct flight. This allows the sites to use the cheapest airlines throughout each step of your trip, instead of using the cheapest airline and only one airport. This is perfect especially if you are taking an extended flight as you will need to take a break anyway!

All this is possible only when you plan your trip well in advance. It is difficult for a student to get discounted rates at the last moment.

Negotiating Rates and Fares With Travel Agents

A whole generation of travelers, it seems, are so conditioned to use the Internet for travel booking that they’re not even sure how a travel agent operates. These travelers use the hunt-and-pick method to find the best rates and fares online. And if that method doesn’t reveal an affordable price, they might start wondering if a travel agent—a real, live person—could whip up a price reduction. Many an agent has received an anonymous phone call from a would-be traveler who wants to negotiate fares and rates.

While agents do have access to unpublished discounts and pre-negotiated travel fares, most do not have the ability to negotiate pricing. Agents do not set travel fares; they quote them. When they find a better price, it usually isn’t because they lowered the fare to get your business; it’s because they literally found a lower price.

There are exceptions, of course. Every agency has different policies, and some agencies allow their agents to make a case for offering discounted fares in certain situations. To get the lower fares approved, the agent would probably have to present a competing bid that’s lower and make a strong argument for why the fare should be discounted. To be clear, this type of discount comes out of the agent’s and the agency’s commission. So the agent and agency would need a very good reason for even considering it. At a minimum, the standard commission on the vacation in question needs to be sizeable and the customer must be strategically important in some way.

In other words, a $29 hotel rate is not negotiable.

When you ask an agent to negotiate, you are essentially asking the agent to subsidize your vacation—the same way a newly engaged couple might ask the groom’s dad to fund part of the honeymoon. Many agents will respond to these requests by saying, “I’ll see what I can do.” And then the agent will search, often successfully, for a lower fare.

Real stories from the trenches

Every agent has her own set of stories involving customers who misunderstand how travel agents operate. Here are a few of ours:

  1. Customer finds a below-market rate for a hotel room during an event weekend through our online travel agency. The customer books the room online, but does not select the right room type. The customer calls the week before the event and asks to switch the reservation to a larger room at the same room rate. Unfortunately, the hotel did not have any larger rooms left. We could not remedy the lack of rooms at the first hotel, but we did locate another room at a different hotel.
  2. Customer calls and asks for a discounted rate on a hotel in Cabo. The dates and hotel choice were not flexible. We find the discounted rate, at a prepay rate. The customer says great, he’ll take the rate, but not a prepay basis. Hotels, like airlines, do offer discounted rates for prepaying customers. Generally, an agent can’t book a prepay rate for payment-on-arrival.
  3. Customer calls and says she’s found a travel agent rate at a resort and would like us to book her vacation at that rate. Travel agent rates are for agents traveling; anyone booking under such a rate would have to show agent identification to the hotel or resort upon check-in. An agent cannot book a travel agent rate under someone else’s name, nor can an agent buy the room at that rate and then resell it to a customer.

The gist of it is this: agents can save you money on your vacations and business travel, but sometimes there are limitations to what they can accomplish.

Online Travel Agent Secrets That Saves Clients 100s to 1000s of Dollars Off All Travel – Part 2

More massive travel savings are always given to the best planner of travel. The best planners use a travel agent. Question, who do you think would get the best rate on an all-inclusive travel package to Jamaica, you or the travel agent? Nine times out of ten, the travel agent wins. Why is that, you ask? They’re the professionals of the industry, and no matter how many times you’ve already visited, received published discount rates, shared laughs with the host of the hotel, it doesn’t amount to power of a true travel professional.

One phone call to the front desk, and travel agents discounts are eagerly rolled out the travel professional, no questions ask. But here’s how you can benefit! An excellent travel agent can offer you some of these same perks that can save you hundreds easily. Here’s more travel agents secrets revealed.

Early Bookings: Lets be real, 50 percent of travel is done within a months’ time of planning. So you are never getting any good specials unless rooms need to be filled to max out vendors(hotels,cabins,etc,) sales. A travel agent has immediate excess to this information, so that you can save up to 60%, from just 2 weeks planning.

Avoiding Fees: Since the increase of fuel has rapidly affected all parts of our global economy, being educated about the extra charges for luggage, bookings fees and how to avoid these fees alone are priceless. Did you know as of now, cruise lines will charge you extra fuel charge per day ranging from $2-$9 per person. Airlines are charging $15-$50 for extra luggage, and each airline is different. Travel agents can inform you on which airlines charges the less, and even ways on how to avoid those fees altogether. Think you can do better than that, within minutes?

Negotiating Prices. Travel agents book hotel accommodations for major companies with hundreds to attend, so they get special rates given to them all the time based on credibility. Therefore, having your personal travel agent negotiating a family vacation package for 5 at the same hotel he/she has just booked an event for 200 people sounds quite rewarding as appose to you fussing, trying to get a $20 discount. Me personally, I would let the travel agent do their job, I couldn’t win that argument without those expertise.

Often, online travel agents get bombarded with travel promotions and sometimes have to choose a guess of their choice to go on a 5-Day Carnival Cruise for $90. Wouldn’t you want to be a good personal friend with an online travel professional and ask him/her, “are their any travel promotion you have going this month”? My email inbox probably has over hundreds of offers like this right now.

Simply stated, whether it’s airline travel discounts, Disney travel discounts, student travel discounts, or just a family vacation package, you want the best for your money. Work personal with a good certified travel agent, and you’ll always get the best deals, period.