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Derive Delightful Discounts, Only at Discount Hotels

Discounts are surefire ways to get people buying. The appeal, perhaps, lies in the fact that one is getting something – whether it is a service, a product, or something else of value – at a lower price than normal. This applies to hotels, as well. The next time travelers find themselves flying to Manila, it would be in their interest to book at Discount Manila Hotels if they want to save money while enjoying the place.

Say goodbye to standard rack rates-all you need to get big discounts off even the best hotels in Manila is a little time and effort. Planning ahead is the key to success and savings, and using all tools at one’s disposal is essential to guarantee your discounts.

Research should be a priority; remember that saying about how information is ammunition? Knowing what each hotel’s rates are and finding out if there are discounted rates is the first step. The Internet offers a vast array of information about this. You can view booking sites and even the hotel’s home page itself to find out more about their amenities, reservations, and rates.

Travelers can get first rate accommodations for much less than the standard rate, provided they are patient enough to look for the information on where it is best to book and which of these hotels are offering reduced rates or discounts. It shouldn’t take too much effort to find information online; it should only take around a few clicks of one’s mouse.

Significant rate reductions also occur during off peak times of the year, when the demand for the hotel services isn’t as high as in most other times. This creates an opportunity for the travelers to get great value for their money and at the same time, it lets the hotels earn money for rooms that would only be gathering dust during off peak periods. Furthermore, the traveler can select from a variety of available rooms, and not be limited to spare rooms that the hotel rents away at giveaway rates.

The best part of renting at discount prices is that guests get the same quality for rooms that would otherwise have been offered at higher rates. From comfortable beds to fully-furnished interiors, there should be no drop in quality whatsoever despite the lower expenditure.

Along with comfort, discount hotels in Manila offer convenience at its finest. No need to spend valuable time trying to scuttle from one place to the next, because Manila’s hotels make it a point to stay close to important places such as banks, commercial buildings, restaurants, money exchange, and shopping malls. Guests will have what they need right at their fingertips.

Why settle for big expenses when you can get great hotel reservations for less? Discount Manila Hotels offer a unique opportunity to enjoy a good stay at the hotel of your choice, and you don’t even have to break the bank to do so. Just sit back, relax, and experience the life in Manila and the Philippines. Make your reservations today!

Join a Discount Travel Club to Experience the World for Less

It’s a rare person who does not enjoy traveling. Travel provides unforgettable life experiences and broadens the mind. It is also an excellent means for obtaining a little peace and relaxation in an otherwise stressful world.

Most people wish they could travel more often, but the cost prevents them. However, a membership in a discount travel club can change that. In many ways a such a club membership is a magic wand for travelers – it instantly reduces the cost for just about every component of the trip.

People who join discount travel clubs will receive many benefits in exchange. They will receive sizable discounts on standard vacation components like airfare, hotels and car rentals. Membership also includes discounts on entertainment, theme parks and cruises. You can realize even further savings where such programs also offer cost breaks on restaurants and golf courses while you exercise the ultimate in flexibility and savings. With so many chances to save money most club members find themselves able to double the number of vacations they take each year.

With a discount travel club membership travelers enjoy a great deal of flexibility. Many of the hottest theme park destinations honor these discounts as do most international destinations around the world. Whether the member is dreaming of riding roller coasters all day or touring the Louvre they will find a discounted vacation deal that makes their dream a reality. These are not prices that are made available to the general public. Instead, only members of a discount travel club will be eligible to receive such savings.

Travel clubs offering discounts allow members to save on all kinds of different vacations. They might save on a cruise of the Italian Riviera or an African safari. Some programs even include discounts on everyday destinations like movie theaters and grocery stores. These discount programs are an exceptional deal that allow the member to save all year long whether they are traveling or not.

Discount travel clubs help members to save money on the trip of a lifetime or a simple weekend getaway. Whole families may enjoy the savings or perhaps it is a romantic escape just for two. Either way discount travel clubs help people experience the world for less. Who wouldn’t want to see more of the world and save money while doing it? Traveling at a discounted rate enriches the experience and keeps more money in the traveler’s pocket.

How Travel Agents Travel For Cheap

Travel agent discounts- also known as fam rates- are everywhere, provided you ask. Here is how you can save a bundle on your next trip:

First off, no company will offer you a discount until you can prove you are a travel agent. To do this, visit the International Association of Travel Agents Network ( IATAN) website and fill out their application to receive your very own IATAN travel agent ID card. They will ask for your agency’s IATA or ARC number, as well as general personal info. Total cost: $30.

With your ID card in hand, you are now ready to apply for fam rates with a wide variety of providers. The first place to start is with hotels. The two major chains I use are Hilton and Marriot. In order to qualify for their rates, you have to become a sales specialist for their chain, which loosely translates to a few hours studying for an online exam. Trust me, these aren’t difficult.

I’ve used Marriot just recently on for a two night stay at the Courtyard in Bangkok. The room cost $60 per night with the fam rate, including breakfast. The funny thing is, breakfast alone would have cost $60 for two people! This type of deal is certainly worth the time spent taking the online tests!

Now that you’ve got the hotels covered, it’s time to look for flights. Contact one carrier from each frequent flyer alliance (e.g. OneWorld, Star Alliance, etc.) and sin up for their frequent flyer program. Lean on whichever provider your agency does the most revenue with, and call their service department and speak with a rep regarding their special rates.

Cars are similar to hotels, in that you sign up as a sales specialist and they’ll help you out. Whenever you bring a new client to them, ask if they offer special incentive rates for them- and you. For example, Hertz will generally offer 10% to any client you refer, and they’re really good about offering travel agents heavily discounted rates on their cars.